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A simple CLI interface for todoist 📒


  • Table view
  • Supports adding elements
    • Easy aliasing for labels and projects (just prepend + for projects, @ for labels)
  • Supports removing / completing elements
    • Easy aliasing, instead of long IDs (each task has a unique 3-digit ID)
  • Optional JSON output
  • Configuration file support
    • Get token from config file
    • Set a default project on config file
  • Local caching possible for faster actions

To do 😉

  • Add zsh completion
  • Support projects with spaces in their names
  • Add a flake for easy installing Fuck that shit, broken.


Just create the config file: ~/.config/sakla.yaml

Here is an example boilerplate:

# Mandatory. This can be taken from Todoist > Settings > Integrations
todoist_token: "my_long_todoist_token"

# Optional. If you'd like to use a specific project when none specified
# default_project: "name_of_my_project"

# Optional: Use a local cache, which will make most of the actions faster
# cache_file: "~/.cache/sakla"


Distributed under terms of AGPL, see LICENSE file.