Restic clone for my possible forks
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Michael Eischer 8b9778d537
Merge pull request #3900 from MichaelEischer/b2-init-timeout
3 months ago
archiver archiver: reduce memory usage for large files 4 months ago
backend b2: sniff the error that caused init retry loops 3 months ago
bloblru bloblru: Fix comment for New function 8 months ago
cache cache: Just try to open cache entry without calling stat first 3 months ago
checker add option for setting min pack size 4 months ago
crypto crypto: move crypto buffer helpers 5 months ago
debug debug: support roundtripper logging also for release builds 4 months ago
dump repository: extract LoadTree/SaveTree 5 months ago
errors all: Move away from pkg/errors, easy cases 6 months ago
filter filter: deduplicate error handling for pattern validation 3 months ago
fs Add simple test for fs.TempFile on windows 8 months ago
fuse fuse: remove unused context parameter 3 months ago
hashing hashing: Fix up comments 7 months ago
migrations migrate: Report why an migration cannot be applied 3 months ago
options Don't crash if SecretString is uninitialized 5 months ago
pack repository: prevent header overfill 4 months ago
repository repository: cleanup copy connection count check 3 months ago
restic Fix quadratic time complexity of Snapshot.HasPaths 3 months ago
restorer gofmt all files 3 months ago
selfupdate Refactor file handing for self-update. 8 months ago
test all: Move away from pkg/errors, easy cases 6 months ago
textfile Add more error handling 2 years ago
ui archiver: remove unused fileInfo from progress callback 4 months ago
walker repository: extract LoadTree/SaveTree 5 months ago