My WM config for latest released awesomewm version
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My AwesomeWM config

This is the reason I'm still not using Wayland. Too good to lose.


  • Just 4 permanent tags, no transient crap
  • Only 2 active layouts: Tile and Max (default)
  • Remembers which tags were visible/active on every individual screen after WM (re)start
  • Handmade theme
    • Powerline-style wibar
    • Gruvbox colors (for now), different colors hinting the status of all widgets
    • Custom volume/brightness sliders & media notifications
    • Random wallpapers per screen, from given directory
  • Multi-monitor support
    • The X display set as "primary" has systray and 2 tags (term & chat) on it
    • Non-primary displays get the web & mail tags (replicated if more screens available)
    • Dynamic re-organisation of tags in case of screen addition/removal (so no clients get lost)
    • If a monitor is widescreen, automatically split into 2 equal "fake" screens (which you can expand/shrink)
  • Taglist hints client count by dots, dynamically updated
  • Keyboard oriented
    • Can resize, change tag, move, minimize, even suspend any client via shortcuts
      • Special keys for moving clients between visible screens
    • Can toggle special "sticky" mode for client
      • Very useful to keep meetings on the corner & on top
      • Can be even toggled to "shy" mode, which makes it semi-transparent and actively escape from mouse
  • Useful widgets on wibar, as needed/supported by environment
    • Rotate screen toggle
    • Touchscreen toggle
    • Caps lock warning widget (only visible while caps lock on)
    • Pressure information widget (Linux PSI)
    • Keyboard layout toggle (disabled, as I'm using a single layout now)
    • Interactive Spotify widget (when app is running)
      • Can also hide/show the client
Shortcut Action
Win + Arrows Swap focus between windows
Win + Shift + WASD Move (floating) windows to that direction (***)
Win + Shift + Arrows Move windows to the screen on that direction
Win + Ctrl + Arrows Expand (floating) windows to that direction
Win + Ctrl + Shift + Arrows Shrink (floating) windows from that direction
Win + Q Kill window
Win + Enter Swap master window
Win + WASD Expand active (tiling) windows size to that direction (***)
Win + Z Minimize Window
Ctrl + Alt + S Suspend window (Linux SIGSTOP)
Ctrl + Alt + W Make window sticky + on top (e.g. video meeting)
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S Make window sticky (*)
Win + Esc Hide sticky windows
Win + F7 / F8 Expand / Shrink fake screens (**)
Win + 1234 (n) Go to nth tag
Win + Shift + 1234 (n) Move window to nth tag
Win + Tab Tab-cycle between tags (via alttab)

And of course, I have tons of other shortcuts for launching helpful stuff, but that's not config-related.

(*) Looking for a better shortcut / not commonly used

(**) I am doing this with a keyboard knob generally, which is a lot easier

(***) TODO: Needs single shortcut for all situations, auto-detect floating or not

screenshot single screen

screenshot double screens