Online book on command-line Linux usage, and Gentoo Linux in particular (Turkish Translation Fork) [I didn't continue]
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** (2010-09-04) Sven Vermeulen <>
- Simple spellcheck
** (2010-09-03) Sven Vermeulen <>
- Elaborate a bit more on stage4/5 backup/restores
** (2010-09-02) Sven Vermeulen <>
- Add chapter on logfile management
- Add chapter on backups
- Mention stage4 and stage5
** (2010-08-27) Sven Vermeulen <>
- Add information on kernel module parameters
- Add information on autoloading modules and blacklisting modules
- Add blurb about "make install" in kernel installation
- Use -march=native as default example, add reference to online list
of GCC-supported architectures
** (2010-08-26) Sven Vermeulen <>
- Reorganize sections within "Software Management"
- Add information on nl80211 iw toolset