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** (2010-09-02) Sven Vermeulen <>
- Add chapter on logfile management
- Add chapter on backups
- Mention stage4 and stage5
** (2010-08-27) Sven Vermeulen <>
- Add information on kernel module parameters

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... Really, this location is not to be forgotten.</para>
<para>Next, there are a few non-/etc files or directories that you want
to copy as well. </para>
to copy as well.</para>
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<title>Sample Script</title>
<para>The following command will make an archive of the above mentioned
settings. </para>
<programlisting>~# <command>tar cvzpf /var/tmp/poormanbackup.tar.gz /etc /var/lib/portage/world /usr/local /proc/config.gz /home/*/.??*</command></programlisting>
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backup settings of above would result in a file similar to the
<para> File <filename>/etc/backup.d/20-basic-system.rdiff</filename> to
<para>File <filename>/etc/backup.d/20-basic-system.rdiff</filename> to
backup regular files:</para>
<programlisting>when = daily
@ -215,5 +215,59 @@ directory = /var/backups/backupninja</programlisting>
<programlisting>~# <command>partimage -e restore /dev/sda /media/usb/gentoo_full.sda.partimg.gz.000</command></programlisting>
<title>Stage4/5/... Installation</title>
<para>Specifically for Gentoo, some users have created enhancements on
top of the standard "stage3" installation used by Gentoo Linux. With
stage4 or stage5 installations, the extracted tarball is a lot larger
(it contains almost an entire system) and is accompanied with additional
script(s) that set up or recover the system. These scripts can, for
instance, restore your partition layout, reformat the partitions,
reinstall the bootloader, etc.</para>
<para>You can find references to this installation approach on the
Gentoo Forums. </para>
<para>Compared with the poor man's backup approach described above, this
can be seen as a "entire system poor man's backup", with:</para>
<para>Backup &amp; restore of the master boot record and partition
dd if=/dev/sda of=/media/usb/full-stage-backup/mbr.img bs=512 count=1
sfdisk -d /dev/sda &gt; /media/usb/full-stage-backup/sfdisk.dat
dd if=/media/usb/full-stage-backup/mbr.img of=/dev/sda
sfdisk /dev/sda &lt; /media/usb/full-stage-backup/sfdisk.dat</programlisting>
<para>Restoration of the boot loader</para>
<programlisting>(Restore: command after restoring /boot content)
grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/gentoo/boot /dev/hda</programlisting>
<para>Reformatting of partitions (be carefull here, this is very
error-prone and specific for your system)</para>
mount | grep -v 'dev/mapper' | grep -v 'dev/md' | grep 'type ext' | awk -F' ' '{print "mkfs."$5" "$1}' &gt; /media/usb/full-stage-backup/
<para>I personally prefer imaging software for such large recovery