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The book "Linux Sea" offers a gentle yet technical (from end-user
perspective) introduction to the Linux operating system, using Gentoo
Linux as the example Linux distribution. It does not nor will it ever
talk about the history of the Linux kernel or Linux distributions or
dive into details that are less interesting for Linux users.
For various topics, the online Gentoo Handbook offers a very detailed
approach and as such is mandatory reading for any Gentoo Linux user who
wants to know the full power of this Operating System. Although there is
definitely overlap between "Linux Sea" and the online Gentoo Handbook,
"Linux Sea" is by no means meant to replace the online Gentoo Handbook.
"Linux Sea" will attempt to focus on topics that everyday users would
probably need to know to continue working with Gentoo Linux.

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Sven Vermeulen is a Gentoo Linux documentation developer, largely
Sven Vermeulen is a former Gentoo Linux documentation developer, largely
to blame for the Gentoo Handbook and a large number of Gentoo-related
guides. You can find him online under the alias "SwifT" or reach him
through his Gentoo e-mail address "".
through his e-mail address "".