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Fork of vim-puppet

Updated 5 months ago

Sağ zırva jeneratörü

Updated 6 months ago

My WM config for latest released awesomewm version

Updated 2 weeks ago

My nixos configuration

Updated 3 weeks ago

My home manager config

Updated 3 weeks ago

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Online book on command-line Linux usage, and Gentoo Linux in particular (Turkish Translation Fork) [I didn't continue]

Updated 7 months ago

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Package repository for our (now dead) distribution from stratch

Updated 6 months ago

Collection of tools I've written in golang (it was long time ago)

Updated 4 years ago

gurkan / jb
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A poor CLI client for JIRA kanban boards [deprecated]

Updated 7 months ago

Bootstraps a vultr server with nixos with LUKS root encryption

Updated 3 years ago

Initial try for insult generator

Updated 3 years ago

Deploy a serveradmin instance quickly

Updated 2 years ago

My autorandr fork with "single command" patch built-in

Updated 10 months ago

Restic clone for my possible forks

Updated 6 months ago

Türkçe küfür üreteci

Updated 6 months ago